Here you can find information about the Pre-check in Airlines, Immigration Pre-check and the Regional Affidavit of the traveler at the Palmerola International Airport located in Honduras.

The Airline Precheck is the record through which every passenger confirms to the corresponding airline their presence on the previously chosen flight. This immediately guarantees the traveler a Boarding Pass.
Keep in mind that your location within the plane can only be decided at the time of pre-check-in, so in order to choose the desired seat, it will be necessary to either go to the airline's counter with enough time in advance or, better still, make the check-in. airline pre-check-in online from 48 hours before the departure of the flight. In addition to choosing your seat, during pre-check-in you can earn frequent flyer miles and/or pay the excess value necessary to enjoy other services offered by the airline.

The Migration Precheck is necessary for Honduran and foreign citizens who wish to enter or leave the country, this can be done from 48 hours before departure, the steps for the online immigration precheck are:

1. Register with an email account, only if it is the first time that you carry out a migratory pre-check in our application.
2. Perform your migration pre-check.
3. Confirmation will arrive in your mailbox, which you must present before your boarding.

You can also do it through applications on the Android or Iphone mobile.

Android app
IOS app

The Regional Affidavit Online del Viajero is a standardized application form in Honduras, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Belize and the Dominican Republic, which must be filled out by travelers or heads of family who must correctly inform the required data and truthful, as well as if they are carrying cash or immediately convertible securities equal to or greater than 10 thousand US dollars, weapons or merchandise subject to declaration.
Currently, filling can be done virtually from anywhere and up to 3 days in advance, entering the official page of Customs Honduras or scanning the QR code, the filling process will take about a minute.

Affidavit Honduras